Announcing a New EQ-i® Report Option for Higher Education

The new EQ-i ® Higher Education Report (EQ-i HEd) is the product of many years spent working with campuses to fine tune the EQ-i reporting options to meet the specific needs of Higher Education staff and faculty working with students. Higher Education users already familiar with the EQ-i will find that this new report option delivers all the helpful feedback they’ve come to expect from the assessment, except now the feedback is presented in a format more relevant to students and educators.

The set of three reports that the EQ-i HEd renders offers students and counselors school-specific results in a delivery system geared for optimal understanding, ease of administration, and follow-up. Using the new EQ-i HEd, students take the standard 133-item version of the EQ-i and instantly get a 10-page summary of their top three and lowest two results. Counselors can then generate comprehensive reports that provide interpretation and development strategies for all 15 subscales. These reports are ideal aids for coaching students and incorporating Emotional Intelligence into your class curriculum or campus leadership programs.

You can now download free samples of these reports from our website, and if you think the Higher Education Report may be a good fit on your campus, contact MHS client services for more information.

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