2010 Online Conference: Evidence-Based Training Solutions for Business Results

MHS is proud to be taking part in Pfieffer’s 2010 Online Conference, Evidence-Based Training Solutions for Business Results. We’re anticipating a thorough investigation of the talent development initiatives that are currently leading to extraordinary individual, team, and organizational results throughout the world.

On February 25th, this virtual conference will bring together five of the most well-respected experts in leadership and management development, team dynamics, and emotional intelligence:

Bruce Tulgan (author of It’s Okay to Be the Boss) will address the undermanagement epidemic in our workplaces and present the case (and dozens of best practices) for strong, highly engaged managers.

Patrick Lencioni (author of The Five Dysfunctions of a Team) will discuss the ultimate competitive advantage (because it is so powerful and so rare)—teamwork. Pat will share the five fundamentals of a cohesive team.

Steven Stein (Founder and CEO of Multi-Health Systems Inc.) will explain why Emotional Intelligence (EI) has been identified as a crucial part of an individual’s ability to successfully cope with workplace demands and how leaders with Emotional Intelligence skills tend to be better communicators and decision-makers who are more resilient in challenging situations.

Kerry Bunker (Senior Enterprise Associate, Center for Creative Leadership) will tackle the unprecedented changes faced by the leaders of our modern organizations. Shining a light on the human side of transitions, this session will explore the dynamic tension between six pairs of seemingly paradoxical leadership attributes: being both tough and empathetic; catalyzing change while understanding transition; expressing a sense of urgency while retaining the capacity for realistic patience; being self-reliant yet trusting others; radiating both optimism and realism; and capitalizing on strengths while fostering the capacity to go against the grain.

Jim Kouzes (author of The Leadership Challenge) will present The Five Enduring Leadership Truths from his 25+ years of leadership research. And as an added bonus for all participants who make it to the end, Jim will reveal the secret to success in life.

Such a collection of luminaries will certainly make this online conference well worth your while, and we invite you to register for the event and attend. You can find more detailed information about the conference at the Pfieffer 2010 Online Conference homepage.

(Attending an online conference is easy. You’ll need a Mac or PC with internet connectivity, and speakers or a headset to hear the audio. The conference is accessed via Adobe Acrobat Connect, a lightweight browser plugin).

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to engage with these experts from the comfort of your computer!

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