Developing High Achievers Through Emotional Intelligence

Coaching high achievers – people who are most relied upon to deliver results in an organizational context – involves a unique set of challenges. Development programs that are aimed at high achievers often share a root problem – a failure to address the fundamental characteristics that define high achievers as a group.

Compared to the general population, high achievers:

  • are often stretched by the need to attain lofty goals with limited resources
  • can be more inclined to focus on developing their intellectual and technical abilities, rather than their people skills
  • may hold very negative attitudes towards failure

These personal factors can interfere with positive change, and if an intervention program is to be successful, it must take them into account. Geetu Bharwaney’s Developing High Achievers Through Emotional Intelligence shows you how.

Developing High Achievers Through Emotional Intelligence, a chapter from The Handbook for Developing Emotional and Social Intelligence, provides best practices and tried-and-tested methodologies specifically designed to effect change among high achievers. In this chapter for advanced practitioners, the author presents three case studies drawn from her own experience. By comparing and contrasting the situational circumstance, methodology, and result of each case study, you’ll discover the key variables involved in a successful program.

You’ll learn how to:

  • use EI assessments to identify the characteristics of high achievers in a particular professional context
  • leverage the internal standards and expectations of a high achiever to drive results
  • structure a program that both impacts and appeals to high achievers
  • design an intervention that will produce visible and quantifiable business outcomes

This data-rich chapter includes extensive in-text references to relevant research and clear-cut descriptions of the “conditions for success.” Illustrative charts, tables, and graphs are employed to make for easy digestion and comparison of vital information. If you’re an experienced coach or consultant and you’re keen to work with high achievers, start here – this chapter is for you.

For further information, please feel free to contact Geetu Bharwaney via email (, or via telephone (+44-1525-840090).

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  1. Jonnie Ajayi says:

    Enjoyed looking at this, very good stuff, regards.

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