Linking Cultural Adaptability and EI

So much rich data suggests that emotional intelligence is linked to success in the workplace – but what if that workplace is abroad? MHS Emotional Intelligence Solutions Division is offering an exciting opportunity to contribute to the development of a new reporting option for the world-famous Emotional Quotient Inventory®.

MHS is developing a Cross-Cultural Adaptability Report as a complement to our original selection of EQ-i® Reports. This new report is being designed with input from professionals who have experienced the many facets of working, living, and adapting cross-culturally. To ensure we are providing a tool that is both effective and easy to use, we are looking for volunteers from around the globe who would be willing to fill out the EQ-i online along with a brief questionnaire about their professional experiences abroad.

We are seeking to determine which personal factors may contribute to success in overseas working opportunities. To do so, we are looking for individuals with overseas working experience in excess of 3 months that can be described as a ‘successful/positive’ or an ‘unsuccessful/negative’ experience. We welcome individuals who are still working abroad, and those who have already returned to their home countries. Participation is not limited to North American nationals – we will be pleased to accept participants from anywhere around the globe.

If you are a qualified EQ-i practitioner, you may be eligible to receive a free Development Report for each client who completes the assessment. You can use this to offer feedback to your clients without incurring the purchasing cost of the report.

For more information or to sign up, please contact Tyrone Williams at tyrone.williams (at)

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