The smart new way to get hired: EI and your career


Announcing the release of a new book on emotional intelligence: The Smart New Way to Get Hired: Use Emotional Intelligence and Land the Right Job by Lisa Caldas Kappesser, a certified career and executive coach and president of EQ Coaching Solutions. The foreword is written by Dr. Steven J. Stein.

Lisa unveils how to identify, use, and enhance emotional intelligence to make a smart career choice, find the best job, and score the job offer. In today’s competitive job market it is all about managing emotions so they do not interfere with a productive job search. It is also about connecting with the employer in an interview. When 5 or 6 qualified candidates are being interviewed for one position, it is one’s EQ skills that can give you the edge in making that personal connection.

Her book, The Smart New Way to Get Hired provides a quiz that helps job seekers assess their level of emotional intelligence. Practical examples and exercises teach them how to stand out in the job search, by using the four areas of emotional intelligence: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and social skills. Readers learn how to overcome job search roadblocks and gain confidence and skills in understanding themselves and in dealing with employers. Lisa explains how potential employers look for emotional intelligence in structured interview questions and shares tips on how job seekers can answer these questions to display their emotional intelligence skills and thus have the competitive edge over others in today’s job market.

For more information, visit the author’s website.

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