MHS partners with ASTD and HCI to bring you big benefits!


Are you looking to overcome training obstacles and create organizational success? Do you want access to the world’s top-ranked business authors, consultants, academics and CEOs and their talent development solutions? Would you like to participate in live, bi-weekly conference calls with internationally recognized human capital gurus? How about 24/7 access to expert webcasts and videos on-demand?

Look no futher than MHS and our partner organizations to help you access all the best practices in talent management today.

As a learning community sponsor with the Human Capital Institute (HCI) Center for  Excellence, MHS organizes emotional intelligence learning events such a webcasts and publishes rich resources to help you gain buy-in to your EI initiatives and learn how leading organizations are using EI. Enroll free today!

Doug Lennick, former Executive Vice President for American Express, kicks off our spring HCI webcast lineup.   Join us on June 8th as he discusses how emotional intelligence initiatives impacted the bottom line at American Express Financial Advisors (now Ameriprise) and how he has extended the application of emotional intelligence with his books Moral Intelligence (with co-author Fred Kiel, PhD.) and Financial Intelligence. Webcast registration begins soon.

New this year, MHS is also joining forces with the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) to help you learn more about the challenges that businesses are facing and working to solve. ASTD’s Professional Partner community is dedicated to improving the workplace performance industries. Find videos, case studies, webinars, and other tools at this free content library.

We invite you to explore these new connections!

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