The Mind of an Innovator


Are you ready for an empowering journey through the many paths to innovation? The Mind of an Innovator is a comprehensive guide to expanding the current limits of your thinking and to seeing opportunities where none existed before. The habits and techniques that have allowed businesses and individuals to make huge leaps are set out, reminding us that no matter what the nature of innovation is, complex or simple, we all have the capacity to innovate.

How does emotional intelligence affect the quality of our thinking? What are the unique thinking skills that create outside the- box ideas? How is the exciting new science of “biomimicry” a rich source of eco-sustainable innovation? The answers to these questions are essential reading for business people, parents, community leaders and ordinary people who want to expand their horizons. In tough times, when there isn’t a lot of money to go around, it is more important than ever to look for low cost, high value ways of making yourself and your business superior. And The Mind of an Innovator will get you started.

About the Author:
Patricia Harmon, Ph.D., is a leading expert in creative thinking and innovation who works with Fortune 500 companies around the world.

There are many books on creativity that are neither creative nor innovative. Fortunately, I have found one that is. The Mind of the Innovator is a fascinating book that draws upon a number of new avenues of thinking to help anyone learn how to be more creative and innovative. This book illustrates the psychological processes required to do so and provides practical tools for helping people access them, regardless of context. As a business school professor, management consultant and painter, I can easily see from reading this book, how I might be more creative in each domain. Clearly it is a must read for anyone interested in enhancing their professional and/or personal capabilities.

~ Dr. David M. Schweiger
Distinguished Professor Emeritus
Moore School of Business
University of South Carolina

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