EI and ROI: Ten Case Studies in Your Back Pocket


Like most consultants and HR professionals, you need to be bottom-line focused and show real results in order to get buy-in from key decision makers.  When it comes to selling the benefits of Emotional Intelligence and specifically, the EQ-i, we know that this imperative certainly applies. Perhaps this imperative is required even more when it comes to EI because CEOs and Directors need even more proof that the often-thought-of “soft” emotional intelligence skills can indeed deliver “hard-line” results. 

The following white paper helps to overcome the challenges you may face from skeptical decision makers. It highlights our ten best EQ-i case studies from MHS, showcasing the real bottom-line results achieved by some top name companies.

In this shareable pamphlet, you will see clear statistics that link the EQ-i to:

  • Higher sales and profits
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Increased performance potential
  • Decreased attrition rates
  • Reductions in training costs

 Get buy-in on your emotional intelligence initiative:

 Download the “EI and ROI” case study white paper

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