Help… My Client is Brilliant! Coaching People with High IQs


Written by Wendy Gordon
Based on an interview with Researcher & OD Consultant Katie Ziemer, MOrgPsych
Contributing Editor: Diana Durek, M.S. Senior Advisor

It’s happened to nearly every coach: the moment when, just after meeting a new client, you realize this person has an incredible brain. Vocabulary, experience, expertise—perhaps even arrogance —it’s all there. And then comes the sinking feeling that you’re not sure how to work with this person.

It’s not that he’s far too successful or perfect (on the contrary, he may already be setting off your interpersonal alarm bells); it’s the gut feeling you have that you are about to put a concerted effort into this relationship, and he will stonewall every effort you make. So why the emotional wall? And more importantly, what can you do to engage this person in an effective relationship?

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