Are You Up for a Business Challenge?


It’s win-win. Grow your business and engage in social media initiatives at the same time. Are you ready to take on this challenge with your fellow consultants and coaches?

All you have to do is complete these 3 simple tasks.

LinkedIn The Emotional Intelligence Connection1) Join the LinkedIn group, The Emotional Intelligence Connection.

2) Add a comment to the LinkedIn discussion post answering the question,  “How would you like to use LinkedIn to promote your busienss as an emotional intelligence consultant/coach?”

Follow us @eiconnection

2) Tweet the following, “I’m going to be an authority on #emotionalintelligence with @eiconnection. What to join too?

The participating consultants and coaches will be recognized in 2 ways.

1) Your name and website featured on Grow Your Business Leaderboard in The EI Insider blog based on the completion of the challenge

2) Your name and/or Twitter account will be promoted (ie. #FF – a digital tag on Twitter that promotes people on Fridays)

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