Webinar: Marketing Emotional Intelligence Assessments Successfully

‘Marketing Emotional Intelligence Assessments Successfully’
with Geetu Bharwaney on February 22, 2011 at 3PM ET

 Register your spot for the webinar here.

Some people would say that conducting emotional intelligence assessment is a tool for prosperous times whereas others would argue that when times are tough, there is more need than ever to incorporate emotional intelligence assessments into organizational and leadership development programs. In this webcast, you will hear directly from an experienced practitioner who has been involved in emotional intelligence assessment since 1999. She will provide an insight into how best to market emotional intelligence tools for success. This webcast has PACE – a hands-on approach summarising the keys to success in selling emotional intelligence assessment to large and medium sized organizations. You will be able to refine your approaches to the marketing of emotional intelligence assessment. If you are new to emotional intelligence assessment tools, this webcast will set you on the right path for marketing emotional intelligence assessments effectively.

This webcast is suitable for both internal and external professionals – coaches, facilitators, managers and executives. You might already be using emotional intelligence assessment or thinking about investing in these tools.

About Geetu

Geetu is Founding Director of Ei World, a long established provider of services involving emotional intelligence research, coaching, development and certification. Geetu founded Ei World in 1999 to bring a dedicated focus on emotional intelligence within organisations. She is a highly experienced qualified trainer of the EQ-i and EQ-360 tools for assessing emotional intelligence and regularly conducts programmes to equip new users of the EQ-i tool in organizational settings. 

 Geetu has applied emotional intelligence assessment tools in leadership development, succession planning, training, research and coaching. Geetu’s key passion is to equip people to develop the skills and capabilities of working with emotional intelligence in their own arenas of work.

 She has been highly successful in building the business case for emotional intelligene in a variety of organizational contexts.

Geetu’s present work involves measuring EQ, researching the characteristics of ‘star’ leadership performance, and providing focused and targeted EQ development. She is particularly interested in the health, wellbeing and leadership applications of emotional intelligence assessment.

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