Top 5 Conference Tips: Use Social Media to Your Advantage

You can attend any conference for free. While, the traditional way would be to buy your way in, there are other ways to get the conference experience.

  1. Follow the conversation on Twitter by streaming the conference hashtag on your social media dashboard like Tweetdeck or Hootsuite.
  2. Follow Twitter-happy attendees, and there are usually at least a handful of them at every conference.
  3. Take part in a conference-related tweet up outside of the conference space to meet up with attendees in an offline environment.
  4. Follow the official and unofficial blogs for updates, videos and reviews on sessions.
  5. Attend the expo. A lot of times, this part of the conference is free. You can see what trends are happening in the industry by just chatting with vendors and fellow like-minded attendees. Then, follow up with them on LinkedIn or Twitter.

Upcoming Conferences

ASTD 2011 International Conference & Exposition
May 22-26 | Orlando, FL

Our helpful team of Chris, Andrea, Holly and Tyrone will be at booth 1313.

 @eiconnection @ASTD #ASTD2011   ASTD National
 The Emotional Intelligence Connection  ASTD National Group ASTD 2011 Blog

Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)
June 26-29 | Las Vegas, NV

Our helpful team of Andrea, Holly, and Tyrone will be at booth 922.

 @eiconnection    #SHRM @SHRM         SHRM 2011 RSVP
 The Emotional Intelligence Connection    SHRM 2011 Group  ASTD YoutubeSHRM Official

Follow and tweet with Judy from @eiconnection at these conferences.

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