A Worthy Read: All Together Now

All Together Now

In this book, Gail Voisin draws attention to emotional intelligence as being a critical piece to success. In fact, excellence in the workplace can be achieved with practice to improve on the competencies in emotional intelligence (EI). From her own experience, Voisin has isolated “the great eight” EI competencies that require the most development. Learn more in the press release below:

“I believe Gail has an integrated solution unlike anyone else in the world to date.”

from the foreword by John C. Marshall, Ph.D.

All Together Now
Vision, Leadership, and Wellness 

By Gail Voisin

The theme of this book is the importance of aligning vision, leadership, and wellness to achieve extraordinary success. This book aims to inspire you and influence you to maximize your performance while achieving a better balance in life.

—Gail Voisin, Introduction

Achieving outstanding personal and organizational success in our busy, competitive, chaotic world requires a unique, leading-edge set of skills for twenty-first-century executives and leaders. It is critical to have the knowledge and ability to align the three key areas of vision, leadership, and wellness to measure and sustain high performance levels — The All Together Now Advantage™. When executives achieve these skills, not only will they be in great demand in corporations, but they will be able to live their dream now.

In All Together Now, world-class Executive Coach Gail Voisin demonstrates the importance of:

  • Finding your personal vision and linking it to your organization’s vision.
  • Getting and staying laser-focused on areas of leadership that matter most to your personal and business success — accomplishing more while at the same time expending less energy.
  • Staying physically and mentally healthy to enhance the overall quality of your life.

Gail Voisin is the CEO of her coaching and consulting practice in Toronto and a world-class executive coach and trusted advisor to corporate executives in Canada and the United States. Her compelling brand — The All Together Now Advantage™ — is a proven success story. With her unique background and combination of skills she integrates and links vision, leadership, and wellness to strategic plans and organizational objectives to measure ROI. She lives in Thornhill, Ontario, overlooking the beautiful, natural, and serene setting of the Ladies’ Golf Club of Toronto. Visit her website at http://www.gailvoisin.com.

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