Webinar: Select the Best Employee with Emotional Intelligence

Korrell Kanoy Developmental Associates

Tuesday, December 13 | 2-3 PM ET

Register here

Do you want to improve the probability of hiring the best person for a position?  Research indicates that emotional intelligence (EI) is predictive of success in many careers. As such,  we should include EI assessments as an integral part of selection.

Your selection process could include:

  • An emotional intelligence assessment that is valid for selection purposes,
  • Structured interview questions that can be compared with scoring criteria for key EI competencies, and
  • Tasks relevant to the position that reveals the emotional intelligence of candidates.

If you’ve read Jim Collins’ book, Good to Great, you know getting the best employees “on the bus” is only the first step. You also need them to be sitting in the right seat on the bus; thus, you need to match employees’ EI strengths to the demands of the job. The presenters for this webcast have used the above strategies to assist many organizations to select the best employee for the position.

What you will learn:

  • How you can use a valid emotional intelligence assessment in the selection process
  • How to build EI content into interview questions and create a rubric for evaluating the answers
  • How to include and score activities that will reveal key aspects of a candidate’s emotional intelligence that will be predictive of job success
  • How to incorporate information about EI with other relevant information such as educational background, experience and other skills

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