Webinar: From the Head to the Heart – Creating a positive emotional experience in your day to day business…


Presented by Brent Darnell, Brent Darnell International

Tuesday October 22 | 3 – 4 PM EST

Register here.

Find out how to differentiate your company through creating a positive emotional experience instead of a reliable transaction. Find out how to tap into the intangible, emotional side of business to make your company stand out. Find out how to increase business opportunities without cutting cost. Look at case studies where companies have implemented emotional intelligence principles as a strategic initiative to improve business. You will leave with not only the principles, but practical ideas to implement the very next day!
Highlights include:
  • Explore the findings of two books and delve into the neuroscience of how people really make buying decisions
  • Will look at case studies of how other industries are using these concepts for their business development
  • Will apply these concepts with hands on, experiential learning focusing on three areas: proposal presentations, current business interactions with clients and how they can create future work, and office environments and first impressions and how they affect buying decisions

 Register today for this free, one-hour webinar.

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