Webinar: Emotional Intelligence Tools to Raise Focus and Performance

Relly Nadler

Presented by Dr. Relly Nadler, True North Leadership

Wednesday November 6 | 3 PM EST

Register Here

Emotional Intelligence is increasingly being linked to high performance from the various fields such as human resources, brain neuroscience, mindfulness, positive psychology and performance management. The first question most leaders ask is: “How do I raise EI for myself and my direct reports?” Dr. Relly Nadler has been coaching and training leaders in specific tools he has created or collected to raise focus, attention and performance since 2000. In this webinar he will present some of his proven and practical tools to help yourself, your team and organization improve emotional intelligence.

Highlights Include:

  • The positive and negative impacts of operating on automatic.
  • You will learn what is “White Space” and how it impacts your leadership.
  • What five strategic questions that can help you access your prefrontal cortex, refocus and improve thinking when stressed.
  • A simple tool for leaders of when you should be in and when and how to stay out of delegated tasks.
  • A coaching model that gives you the sequence for when to listen and to give advice.

Register today for this free, one-hour webinar

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