Product Demo Webinar: Making Emotional Intelligence a Part of Leadership Development

Presented by Tammy Jones and Chris Aarons, MHS

Tuesday January 28 | 11 AM EST

Register Here

Now more than ever before HR professionals are faced with many challenges within their organizations. It isn’t enough that employees and leaders just have the technical skills for their roles. They require emotional intelligence to be effective and successful within the workplace.

Emotional Intelligence, popularly referred to as EQ or EI, has become a prolific topic within corporate Leadership Development. As Roger Pearman, Founder and CEO of Leadership Performance Systems said, “What builds great and sustainable organizations are leaders with a high degree of business acumen – specific skills, planning and control – and emotional intelligence – methods to keep people motivated and engaged. Leaders who have sensitivity to relationships and do a good job of building relationships have something beyond business skills that help organizations succeed. They have highly developed emotionally intelligent behaviors”.

In this webinar, we will discuss the link between Emotional Intelligence and successful leadership. You will learn how different applications of EI can be used and how it can play a key role in developing leadership, organizational change and impact an organization’s financial performance. Christopher Aarons and Tammy Jones, Partner Relations Consultants at MHS, will walk participants through the EQ-I 2.0 Leadership Report to show how you can implement it into your Leadership Development program. In addition, they will share a number of case studies so you can see EI in action in real organizations.

Register today for this free, one-hour webinar

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