Webinar: Emotionally Intelligent Teams

q learning

Presented by Richard Carr, Q Learning

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Tuesday May 6  | 1 PM EST

As research and practice continue to abound in the area of Emotional Intelligence we will seek to apply some of this new knowledge into the area most critical to the success or failure of an organization – its teams and whether they work consistently well together. Have you ever wondered why some of your teams outstrip the performance of others while having people of the same professional standing or skills level?  Do you get frustrated with teams who just cannot seem to get on in the day to day work environment? Can you imagine what it would be like if your teams were equipped to make better decisions? We believe that working with EI can shed light on these issues and provide a way of getting to grips with them.
During this webinar we will pose several questions including:

  • Can EI really improve Team performance?
  • Do we really understand how our decisions are made?
  • What difference does individual/mutual accountability make?
  • How do we go about working with EI in groups?


Register today for this free, one-hour webinar

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